Goal of Human Life – Defined by the creater GOD

August 25, 2010

Goal of Human Life was very well defined by the creator our GOD when he created the human and provided the life…

The goal helps human to reach God’s kingdom with lots of happiness…

What is that goal…?

Become rich, Live only with pleasure not with sorrow, No difficulties/problems in life, Get all good friends and no enemies…. 

No… That cannot be possible for all… There are poor and rich in the world… Lots of differences in everyone in the world… Then what is the one Goal for human life… Why human cannot live with that goal and reach his home…?

If you understand the secret, the goal is very simple to live; if you can’t understand, it is really tough to live…

How your life will be if you live with that goal?

Here are few things you will get if you achieve the goal of our life… [Result achieved by human if you work for that Goal]

1) Peaceful Life

 2) Helpful Life

3) Life with Example for others

4) Can understand the purpose of Life

5) Show the path to others by your life

You may be very curious to know, what is the goal of every human life which is defined by the creator……..?

Even I don’t know, I am very curious to know that goal…

But one thing I can understand as of now: “If you seek God in every moment of your life, you will achieve the goal of your life”.


You may be wondering how seeking GOD can be the goal of human or how it will lead to get above things… I will explain it in the next letter…


GOD and a Child

July 16, 2010

GOD and a Child

The similarity between our GOD (known for his Love and Goodness) and a child (known for her/his innocence and cuteness)…

In my view, both

  1. Will listen to us without thinking we are good or bad.
  2. Will give everything to us and help us when we are asking.
  3. Will easily forgive us and don’t remember our bad things again.
  4. Will come with us to our home or anywhere if we invite with love.
  5. Will speak true all the time; a child won’t speak true sometimes for our happiness like God will test us sometime for our goodness. Both are very true and trustful.
  6. Will be very Happy but sometimes very Anger. Can’t predict when they will be.
  7. Silent vs. Talkative… These characters will be seen based on circumstances.
  8. Will Cry for the small things but Calm/happy for the big problems.
  9. Will be very Innocents overall.
  10. Are very clean and purity in hearts. Will be laughing always and happy whatever happens.
  11. Will love us seamlessly without any expectations.
  12. Will always seek for our attention (care) and expect us being as they wish.
  13. Will be un-defined of their complete nature at last though they are Good, Joyful, Helpful, Clean, and True for all time for all of us for all the places…


If you become like a little child (in your hearts), you will enter into the kingdom of God or you will never enter it.

To Be a Child!

Matthew 18:2-4

Our Lord Jesus called a little child to come to him. Jesus stood the child before the followers. Then Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children {in your hearts}. If you don’t do this, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. The greatest (most important) person in the kingdom of heaven is the person that makes himself humble like this child.”


Mark 10:14-15

Our Lord Jesus saw what happened. He did not like his followers telling the children not to come. Jesus said to them, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to people that are like these little children. I tell you the truth. You must accept the kingdom of God like a little child accepts things, or you will never enter it.”

Hello world!

March 16, 2010

Hello World and  Hi to All the People in its who created without any difference by GOD…