Goal of Human Life – Defined by the creater GOD

Goal of Human Life was very well defined by the creator our GOD when he created the human and provided the life…

The goal helps human to reach God’s kingdom with lots of happiness…

What is that goal…?

Become rich, Live only with pleasure not with sorrow, No difficulties/problems in life, Get all good friends and no enemies…. 

No… That cannot be possible for all… There are poor and rich in the world… Lots of differences in everyone in the world… Then what is the one Goal for human life… Why human cannot live with that goal and reach his home…?

If you understand the secret, the goal is very simple to live; if you can’t understand, it is really tough to live…

How your life will be if you live with that goal?

Here are few things you will get if you achieve the goal of our life… [Result achieved by human if you work for that Goal]

1) Peaceful Life

 2) Helpful Life

3) Life with Example for others

4) Can understand the purpose of Life

5) Show the path to others by your life

You may be very curious to know, what is the goal of every human life which is defined by the creator……..?

Even I don’t know, I am very curious to know that goal…

But one thing I can understand as of now: “If you seek God in every moment of your life, you will achieve the goal of your life”.


You may be wondering how seeking GOD can be the goal of human or how it will lead to get above things… I will explain it in the next letter…


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